Passion: My passion is for our clients, who walk through our doors here at Visage House. Making clients feel the best they can and seeing them leave completely relaxed and glowing from a little 'me time'. I love doing all treatments here at Visage House and getting a sense of achievement everytime a client leaves feeling more confident and satisfied with their treatment and experience.

Iconic product: Have you seen the New Orleans collection by OPI? This is going to be this years Spring/summer WOW colours that should be spotted in everyone's fingers and toes! Whether it's the beautiful blue "Rich boys and Po girls" or the popular coral "She's a bad muffuletta" all colours from this range will be ones to look out for! The OPI colours are all available in laquer and Gel colour too, so if you fancy stepping up your manicure or pedicure to a Gel manicure or pedicure that will give you longer lasting shine and wear, we, here at Visage House, will endeavour to give you the prettiest fingers and feet on those beaches!  



Time for you
For every £40 you spend in Visage House on treatments or retail products you will receive 5 minutes of loyalty points. Once you have collected the total number of minutes required for your chosen treatment you can redeem your minutes and have that treatment completely free!

These treatments are available on a reduced course price of 6 for the price of 5